As the kids grow, traveling with them becomes more and more fun.
I always find it deeply fulfilling to be able to show them a rich variety of places and cultures. But there is also a big downside to that. Being occupied over hundred percent all the time, one can hardly steal a moment to take a pen and let it the thinking hand do the rest.
And so it was in Florence (Italy) last few days.
Nevertheless I was able to make three quick sketches… not my finest but not that bad either.



Palazzo Vechio was the the first one.
We just come across Ponte Vecchio and took a break at the plateau of Palazzio Pitti. With obscenely expensive ice cream for kids, I bought myself a moment of time to draw it… by memory.



From Pitti Palace we strolled up the stream of river Arno around the Boboli Gardens and when crossing it to get back to the other riverbank, I persuaded the kids (Alenka refused to take a pen) to draw the famous one-and-only Ponte Vecchio.



At Piazza del Santa Croce there was a guy making a soap bubbles… 100 at the time. Kids went chasing them around and while Alenka was persuading a local trade woman that she really does not need another scarf, I was deterring the selfie-stick-selles by going deeply into a SanBasilica’s facade composition study.

Matej Gašperič