There is a story behind every house.
An essence.
Something, that is the focal point of the project. Something that gives it its character.
A uniques, if you will.
In case of House D there are four, equally strong points, that served me as a fundamental guidelines thru out the design process.

Emphasizing the amazing vistas.
Not to big, not to small.

Now, with the main volumes basically done, some of those House D features are clearly visible.

From the main access road, House D volume silhouette slowly starts to appear thru the nearby orchard.



Regardless of the proximity of the road, an overhanging living room provides high level of intimacy for the inhabitants.



Main entrance is situated behind the U shaped volumes composition in order for the inhabitants to be able to preserve the privacy on the courtyard.



Open space floor plan manages to seamlessly join relatively small functional rooms giving the impression of a much bigger space.



Big panoramic window at the end of the living room, frames the beautiful view of the Ljubljana valley below…



… while panoramic windows in the master bedroom and kids’ rooms open to the east and offer a view to the snow capped mountain peaks of the Alps.



View from the bathroom down the aisle with master bedroom and kids’ rooms on the side.



I find preserving the qualities of the place for the neighbors as important as to emphasize and take advantage of them for the clients. Since the view is the name of the game on this locations, we wanted to to make this house as little intrusive as possible.

A sequence of closing up photos from the nearest neighbor’s plot.




Almost invisible.



Hack yeah – here we can see it. But it still does not obstruct the view. And, on the other hand, protects the privacy of the inhabitants regardless of the fact, that the neighbor’s weekend house is located quite nearby and on a much higher ground.



I recon that, just by being different, House D shape might arise a controversy about the question of being a typologically suitable solution for the area.
I’d say it is and I have strong arguments to support that.



I feel I can fly!


Matej Gašperič