When a doorbell is mounted, one can be pretty sure that a construction is finally coming to an end.



It is a pure joy every time I visit this building site. Although not finished yet, there are so many beautiful details to be seen. I simply had to gather – at least some of them – and to compose them into a photo blog. In a period that the picture changes literarily every hour, it represents a moment frozen in time. God will I miss this building site…


Nara feel at home already.


Beautiful Pinecone lamps never cease to amaze me.


And yet another lamps – this time a global classic Tolomeo – used in an unclassical way over the kitchen counter.


Harmony of the materials and colors. Fire red chimney connects raw concrete fireplace withe the wooden ceiling.


Sleeping room color scheme is yet to be complemented with the oak furniture…


… like this washbasin counter at the master bedroom passage.


Metal coupler of the tensile bond. One of the privileges of working for the client-constructor is that one could afford not to hide this beautiful construction elements.


Coming out of the room, the rest of the construction structure of the roof is put on display…


… just to end at the magnificent blue sky background. One must admit that those white puffs are already over-the-top-kitchy.


And last, but not least… a fantastic view onto the nearby fields, woods and mountains from the master bedroom.

Matej Gašperič