… or why best architects’ work comes for free?

I am often amazed how much time some people are prepared to invest into a buying process of a 20.000€ car. A car that, eventually, in 5-10 year time they would replace with a new one. While on the other hand, when it comes to build a house, with a price tag of the investment ten times higher at least, a house where they would live their dream life, raise their children and spend – maybe – the rest of their time in, that is not always the case.

When with a client it comes to the point, to discuss the price, I often say that to them my service actually comes for free.



Well not free in a way, you do not pay me money for my work. Yes, it is true, I love… No! … I adore what I do, but still I do it for the money as well. That is how the world spins.

By that provocative statement, I just want to emphasize the fact, that by hiring a good architect, you actually save money. Or, at worst case, you get more out for it.

It is a simple calculation, really.

Same buildings cost basically the same almost regardless of the location. So even before you do a first step, you could save a bunch of money by having at your side someone, who would understand your life vision while, at the same time, be able read the land and envision what could and should be build at the prospect plot of land.



And how much money could you save by having someone who truly understands your needs and optimize the floor plan accordingly? Each square meter or foot counts. Actually it counts twice since first, you need to pay to build it, and then, you need to pay again and again and again… to heat it, cool it, maintain it,…



I am sure that your portfolio manager would be delighted if you have someone who will, while making sure to attune the building to your lifestyle specifics, still take care, to keep its market value high.



And how important it is to you, that you and your family live sustainably in a safe and healthy environment?



Then imagine, how much money could be saved, by selecting the right contractors for the job. One which will be up to the task. One, which would not be late and would ask the right questions at the right time. One, that would not charge you extra money for nothing. One, that is trustworthy. I ‘d say a good advice and support on that matter must be worth something.




How much money – and nerves – could you save by avoiding mistakes? Not all of them, of course. When you build, avoiding all the mistakes is virtually impossible. And anyone who claims differently is just selling you hearts and flowers. But by advance consideration many of them could be avoided.



However carefully you planned, during the building process, some questions and dilemmas would inevitably arise. And since you are probably doing it the first time, wouldn’t you find it convenient to have at your side someone to ask, someone to help you with decisions which, at least some of them, might have a looooong lasting effect? Even if you are the-all-knowing-one it might prove useful and time & money saving, to be able to quickly get a professional second opinion on a matter at hand.



The point is, that buildings are relatively expensive. Even the cheap ones are. Therefore an advance consideration has a multiplying effect. And good knowledgeable support along the all phases of the process will save you a lot of nerves and time and money.

And that is, when a good architect comes very handy.



By good architect, I mean the one, who has necessary knowledge and experiences. One, that would personally take the time for the project. Time to understand the place, time to understand your true needs and your wishes and your specifics and your desired lifestyle. One, that would take his or her responsibilities seriously and go with you all the way thru the ups & downs of the process.  A respectful one. And, last but not least, one that you share at least some fundamental values with.



That kind of architects don’t work for nothing.
But when after you move in and finally call it a day,…
… when you would finally rest at your favorite spot at a new evening terrace enjoying an amazing sunset view or cook favorite wok-food in your dream kitchen, or picking up freshly grown organic vegetables from the garden, or doing morning pushups beside your pool or paying a monthly electric bill or play on the pleasantly warm wooden floor, with the kids, or enjoying freelance work at your inspiring home studio or… do whatever you have envisioned you’d be doing in a new home…

Then, I am pretty sure, that if you bothered to hire a good architect, if you managed to hire the right one for you, you would no doubt agree, that it was more than worth it.

Therefore the question is not should you hire an architect or not but rather how to ensure to hire the right one for you.
But that is already another story, for another blogpost… 🙂


Matej Gašperič