Why should one have two houses?

Can the house you live in be the same as your leisure house?

A four member family wanted a pleasant living environment that offered privacy, seclusion and inspiration. More than for shopping opportunities they longed for peace and quiet, the proximity of woods and its wild spirits.

Orientation dictated a prolonged shape with a 40 meter long stone ‘defense’ wall as a border between private and public areas. House opens in a form of a large atrium that connects living with utilitarian spaces – the former extending seamlessly to the outdoor into the protected courtyard that features a sun-terrace, a swimming pool and wast grass areas. Special point was made in making house ‘invisible’ on the outside and bright on the inside.






























































Location: Moravče, Slovenia
Client: private
Type: single family house
Built: 2006-07
Contractor: GP Križnar
Photos: Biro Gašperič photo archive


Fact sheet

  • usable surface 220 sq m
  • site 4.500 sq m
  • construction time 15 months
  • reinforced concrete and brick walls; steel frames for roof support
  • low energy house – energy consumption – PHPP: 50,0 kW /(m2a)
  • heat pump earth-water
  • rain water recycling
  • swimming pool


  • Open House Slovenia


  • HIŠE


Ambienti; on national television SLO1