How to create a flat courtyard on a slope?

A young couple decided to wait for their baby in a beautiful and natural environment. They have chosen a land, set among hills and numerous mighty trees and started looking for a way to build their planned house in a harmony with the natural environment.
The arrangement is unusual only at first sight. It is true that the garage shares the upper floor with the children’s wing, bedroom, bathroom and the wardrobe. But it is the huge free space of the entire lower floor that counts.
One of key challenges presented the clients’ request for main entrance to be placed on the ground level which lays one level bellow the access road.
A wish has been granted by designing a two story high glass entrance, accessible via outdoor staircase, which is also connected with a garage one level up.
From a structural point of view, the object is characterized by a massive two-floor building wall that serves as a central supporter of the roof structure, and thus innovatively relieves the bridging of approximately 17 meters wide spans. Volume composition is complemented with a harmonically designed garden shed which also serves to form an intimate courtyard with a house.




































Location: Slovenj Gradec, Slovenia
Client: private
Type: single family house
Built: 2013-2014
Contractor: Ekoart
Photos: Virginia Vrecl


Fact sheet

  • usable surface 187 sq m
  • site 1070 sq m
  • construction time 10 months
  • reinforced concrete and wooden construction
  • low energy house – energy consumption – PHPP: 25,0 kW /(m2a)
  • heat pump ground-water
  • air recuperation
  • Finnish sauna



  • Open House Slovenia 2015
  • HIŠE
  • Hausbau