How to design a house for a new beginning?

After resetting her life, she decided that building it up again around a new home, would be a good way to start. A small plot of land – glassy glade, overlooking a small village in the very centre of Slovenia, turned out to be the perfect place that energized her every time she visited it.

A house that was designed was basically a house for one. Ultimately simple at its basic design, it presents to its dweller a secret and secluded place in the middle of the forest, It offers protection and intimacy while at the same time features a vertically detached, multipurpose space meant to host various creative activities like workshops, lectures, gatherings, etc.

Due to its forest nature, the natural materials like wood and rammed earth and green roof etc. were chosen, that would, with time, blend into the surrounding nature and by that, making the house disappear.































Location: Slovenia
Client: private
Type: one person house
Built: 2019-
Contractor: –
Photos: Biro Gašperič photo archive


Fact sheet

  • usable surface ? sq m
  • site 612 sq m
  • estimated construction time 9 months
  • reinforced concrete and wooden construction
  • low energy house
  • wood stove + heat pump air-water
  • rain water recycling