How much space is enough space?

A family invests every possible moment into a VW-hippie-van-style travels, feeling at home everywhere. On a small plot of land they envisioned a perfect base camp: a small house, a tool for high quality life with sustainability as a key baseline in the widest meaning.

At first glance, a House XS expresses its sustainable concept with its small, optimized and highly functional floor plan and compact shape. Orientation and shading has been taken into account at the early planning stage in order to maximize passive heating during the winter and to prevent it to overheat during the summer time.

As the main construction elements, energy efficient wooden construction prefabricated walls with wood fiber thermo insulation have been used. For the doors and windows frames, the wood has been used as well.

During the winter time, highly efficient air-water heating pump is used as a main heating source and is complemented with a romantic fireplace. Fresh air is provided via recuperated ventilation system.

Rain water, which is collected in 8.000 liters tank, is used for toilets and gardening.

All that makes House XS, not only sustainable by size, absolute and relative energy consumption and price, but also support a sustainable life style for its inhabitants and proves to be pleasant to live in.



















































Location: Kamnik, Slovenia
Client: private
Type: single family house
Built: 2011
Contractor: Lumar
Photos: Miran Kambič & Biro Gašperič photo archive


Fact sheet

  • usable surface 115 sq m
  • site 427 sq m
  • construction time 7 months
  • reinforced concrete and wooden construction
  • passive house – energy consumption – PHPP: 14,9 kW /(m2a)
  • heat pump air-water
  • air recuperation


  • Open House Slovenia


  • HIŠE