… and all I wanted to do is to simply to say: “Thank you!”


Although not a life-essentiality like air and water and food and love, a home is definitely very high on our priority lists.

We can live without it but – I dare say – we could easily agree, that life without a home is not something, many – if any – of us would desire. We want it to be pleasant, healthy and safe. To support our desired lifestyle. Therefore there is no wonder, many of us put a lot of time and effort into it. And money as well since for many, home represents their biggest financial investment in their life.

Every person, every family is different.
Every location as well.
There are endless possibilities regarding the materials and technologies involved.
And there are many different contractors involved in the process.
All that makes a path from the first wishful ideas to finally moving into our new home, quite a bumpy ride.

In that respect, I see an architect as being much more as just someone, that draws some blueprints and takes care of obtaining a building permit. Much more, actually!

I rather perceive an architect to be their companion on that path. One that assists them overcoming the obstacles on that path and help them write a scenario of their life for the next couple decades.

So when I am fortunate enough that, at one moment in time, our paths cross. And even more fortunate that they decided to choose me as their architect-of-the-choice, I have to admit, I feel overwhelmed. Regardless of number of projects I have designed in the past, when that happens, each and every time, there is inevitably always a storm of emotions washing over me.

I feel happy.
Nervous if I am good enough to be able to address the space properly.
Honored by the enormous amount of trust they put on me.
And, before all, I feel a huge responsibly that comes with that trust.

I am fortunate that, through my line of work, I meet many of, simply fantastic people. Good people. Insightful. Pleasant to be with. Knowledgable. Respectful.

And I feel like it would be a shame, if the end of the project would also mean the end of a relationship.

So I envisioned a Gathering by the fire.

I wanted to make a memorable event that you – my clients / friends – would enjoy. Bringing you all together, so that you are able to get to know each other as well and benefit from each other’s knowledge and experiences. To have a pleasant time and learn something new along the way.

And, beyond all, I simply wanted to say:


Thank you for choosing me as a trusted companion on your path.
Thank you for choosing me as your architect.

It is a privilege!



Since the gathering took place at a beautiful Dvor Jezeršek (one of the brothers being also a client of mine) estate, there is no wonder that cooking was the name of the game at the event.

Girls have enthusiastically lead the way,…

… but boys were not lagging behind…

… and kids helped as well…

… although most of them rather opted to take care of demolishing the straw cubes…

… while mothers took care of the dwellers that would enjoy the fruits of our cooperation the longest.

While we employed the Master Chef Luka to take care of the cooking-lectures…

… I can assure you – based on the numerous first-hand gourmet experiences from the long house-design process – that Joži would not have any problem confidently taking his role as well.

Some new friends and some guys I know for like forever.

All in all, we had a great time and I do hope we make it happen again rather sooner than latter.

Matej Gašperič