I had visited England for the first time while I was still in secondary school. With two friends, we jumped on opportunity and went to a farm near Cambridge to pick up cucumbers. At the time, beside the fact, thaw we were not only young but very young!, we were coming from a communist country. Regardless of the fact, that we have lived in a unique “soft” capitalism which allowed us to go frequently abroad – mostly to nearby Austria (to buy coffee and Lego) and Italy (to buy jeans), traveling around has not been as common as today.

When, after almost a one day journey, we disembarked from the train at the huge and magnificent Victoria station, I was overwhelmed.  I guess it was not only the size of the building whose roof seemed to embrace the sky itself. It was the multi million metropolis wibe. Enormous streets, huge buildings, unimaginable crowd,… And a history itself. Talking to the visitor from every corner. One could easily imagine a mighty power of a great empire UK once used to be. And we have been standing at its pivotal point.

On our way back (from Scotland) we stopped at London again. We walked it. From Hyde Park to The Docs. From King’s Cross to Waterloo. And it was at that time, I have fall in love with the beautiful Tower Bridge. I have been London after that first trip quite some times. And regardless of the purpose of my visit, I have never failed to visit it again. What attracted me, I am not sure even after so many years. It might have been an engineering achievement of the time. Or maybe the architecturally rich simplicity of its form. I do not know. What I know is that I just love coming back. And, regardless of the fact, that me and Alenk jumped to London for just a day and a half for London Design Week, I haven’t failed to go see my old friend.

I have drawn the first sketch (above) during my wait, while Alenka was in the near by Design Museum’s Shop. It is obvious that I have had too much time so I got lost into too many details.



This sketch was mad during another – must shorter – waiting period. I draw this on my foot in less than five minutes. But once again, it proved to be a receipt for better drawing since I believe I have caught the essence of the bridge much better.



This pencil sketch has been made while already at home and out of a minute of boredom while my computer was restarting. Proportions are quite off but I kind of like it anyway.



During our visit two days ago, it has been the first time I witnessed the Tower Bridge to lifted. It has been just before the sunset and it was a magnificent moment. Although it is not steam powering it any more, one could not help but to admire an engineering wonder even today.


Matej Gašperič