Dear Mr. / Ms. / Mrs.


I am very glad and would like to thank you for considering me to be your architect of choice. There are many architects around, some of them really fine ones, so even that invitation alone, is a great honor and means a great deal to me.



“Reading the land” with the client. 




Also, I’d like to emphasize that, based on sparse data you have provided, the project sounds very appealing.


Regarding your request to send you a proposal for my work on the project, I’d say that at this point, I see no real need for that and am therefore opting not to do it… yet.


Since this statement might seem a bit odd to you, let me allow to explain it a bit more in detail.


If you aim to base your decision on price alone – lowest or highest regardless – I have no intention to compete.


I do not want to be selected because of the lowest price.


I have decided long ago that if it comes to that, the low price being my only advantage, I would quit doing architecture and start doing something else. That resolution alone motivates me to study, to learn, to listen, to observe. It motivates me to always do my best – and a little more – for the client so that he/she would get from me the best service possible. That strategy never failed me since it filters the clients leaving those, with whom I could synchronize, respectful ones, with whom we share some life values. The ones, that truly value my contribution.


Glenn Murcutt, one of the best architects and the greatest persons I have met, once passed to me the thought his father told him when he started his own practice: “The quality of your project would define the quality of your next client.”





Sketching at Glenn Murcutt Architecture Master Class.




What I may add is, that it works without exceptions.


Therefore, I am not willing to accept the reason, that if underpaid, I’d do less. If I choose to accept the commission, I would do my best, no matter how high the payment, we agreed on, is. And that is why, I do not want to accept to be underpaid.





Floor plan study.




My price not being high – I’d say it is reasonable. I am not the most expensive you could find. And I certainly am not the cheapest one as well. So preparing any quote at present would be a complete waste of time. For me. And for you. If you are looking for the cheapest price, I have no doubt you would have no trouble to find one of my colleagues that would do the job for you for half or a third of my price or maybe even for one quarter.


But if you are looking for an architect that would devote the time to the project, needed to walk with you through the whole process from understanding your needs and wishes, understand the lifestyle you are aiming for, deriving, optimizing, cleaning up and nurturing an idea to develop it into the blueprints, acquire the building permit, help you select the contactors, supervising the works and advising you all the way until you move to your new home, then there is a good chance that I might be just the right person for you.





Models enable in depth concept and construction study as well as help the clients visualize the proposed solutions.




I simply love good architecture.


I am entranced by it.


I love observing it, studying it, living in it and… doing it.


I identify with the quote of some other great architect – Peter Stutchbury – that said: “With every building you do, you might do architecture as well.” I couldn’t agree more.


I deeply believe, that good architecture, could heavily contribute to the more pleasant, peaceful, balanced and healthy life.


If that is, what you are looking for, then I suggest we meet in person.


Before we decide to work together, I’d love to see the place where you intend to build. And I’d like to get to know you.


And you should want to know more about me. What we like, what we don’t like. What motivates us. What kind of lifestyle we are living. What our hobbies and interests are, etc. Do we share the at least some fundamental moral values?


The fact is that the more we know about each other the better are the chances that we would make a right decision.





Drilling to determine the necessary foundation for the building.




Basically, you might not choose me because of two reasons. Because of the price being to high (or to low – it happens) and/or because you don’t feel, you don’t trust, we could understand each other and do a good job together.


Both of the reasons are fine.


Legitimate. And if you feel that way, you should not choose me. I urge you not to do it.


There is nothing wrong with that. It does not mean there is something wrong with you or me. Neglecting that it would simply give both of us a hard time along the process and would not bring us to the results we are aiming for.





On the building site, elements should fit together…




But if you feel that we understand each other. We respect each other and share at least some basic values. You value my contribution and trust, that I’d do my best for you…


…that makes a solid foundation for for a long term relationship that would bear some fruits and be a fulfilling experience for both of us.





… but from time to time some details still needs to be resolved on site.




If you then choose to work with me…


…and if I choose to work with you – yes, it might sound strange to you but it goes both ways, although it has nothing to do with ego but all to do with my respect of you and high level of responsibility I feel towards you, since I know from experience that if we are not compatible we would not be able to do the best project possible.


…then, and only then, it makes sense to me, to prepare you a proposal. Although at that time that might prove to be irrelevant again since the price would – again – be of no importance. Given the scale of the project budget compared to architects’ fee, the benefits of the perfect match between the clients and an architect, could be easily more than compensated.





It is privilege to have the top class craftsmen (the best of the best) working on my projects. My white, gray and black address books are at your disposal.




. Thoughtful solutions attuned to your lifestyle,
. optimized floor plan and construction design,
. carefully designed details,
. energy efficiency and
. sustainable building principles…


All that saves you time and money, rise the material and non-material value of your building and ensures that you would live a sustainable life in a pleasant and healthy environment.


Since architecture is deeply intimate process my best advise about choosing a perfect architect for you would be: “Do not choose it by the price tag, choose it by heart (even if that means not to choose me) and you could not fail.”





The latest project nearing completion – House H.


So if you feel that way… let us meet and do something great together.


Matej Gašperič