Respectful people. Balanced.
Inclined to spend time outside,
feel connected to nature.
Travelers. Do not consider TV
to be the center spot of their

Prefer a tree’s shadow to an air conditioner. Build homes that blend with the environment.
These people we choose as our clients.
And they tend to choose us.


Our creative challenges are spaces for inspiring people who we are able to share at least some basic values with. These are individuals and families who want to live a full and balanced life spiced with adventures. Adventures in nature. Adventures in inner voyages. Adventures in culture. Adventures in science. Our mission is to develop ideas that perfectly fit a particular lifestyle. We use these ideas to suggest inspiring architectural solutions to the basic issues of quality-of-living.


Eyes half closed, I float. Limbs are light. Weightless. Water that is gently touching my skin is neither warm nor cold. High ceiling is disappearing in semi darkness. Square-shaped stone tomb that surrounds me, feels protective and threatening at the same time. A...

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Thank you!

  … and all I wanted to do is to simply to say: “Thank you!”   Home. Although not a life-essentiality like air and water and food and love, a home is definitely very high on our priority lists. We can live without it but - I dare say - we could easily agree, that life...

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Biennale 2018 – Giardini

The next day was dedicated to the gardens and we started at the small island of San Giorgio Maggiore, where Vatican commissioned some of the famous architectural names to present their vision of a chapel as a space for contemplation. Not being a religious person and –...

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By focusing on real needs of real people, we manage to architecturally outperform any given situation. Charming results always follow if you are persistent enough to turn around every issue and try to understand every perspective. An island of calm within an urban mess? A center of life in the middle of nowhere? Why not?


Living or working space is one of most fundamental matters of life, so in creating it we invest our most valuable asset: time. We invest a great deal of personal effort and time in understanding. In listening. In comprehending. In following the person or the building site through time, through seasons, through their moods. We evaluate the lifestyle or modus operandi and develop a perfect scenario for it.